Interactive Revolution News Edition #1

Dan Strang

July 27, 2022

An interactive revolution has been a long time coming. The world over brands are beginning to do all they can to become more interactive, more personalised, more innovative and more human. 

At We Are Interact, our in-house creative team always have their eyes peeled for the next big thing. Our team is constantly discovering places that have started their own interactive revolutions. 

We are dedicated to finding new technology that has the potential to change interactions, and consumer behaviour trends that can impact our live experiences so we can bring them straight to you.

Virtual experiences are finally becoming a bit more inventive and not just using tech to practically bring people together but actually get them to engage with each other:

HP Omen created a game show

A pandemic didn't stop Heineken offer a unique physical experience for fans by winning the opportunity to bring the pit wall into your own home.
F1 Pit wall Video

We predict that over the next 12 month there will be a huge spike in physical experiences and see the death of virtual, for the short term:

Long live physical experiences

Consumers want to be involved in their experiences, more than just a participant. The rise of Roblox is a great example of this, Fortnite allows you to play a game, Roblox allows you to create a game:

Don't play, create...

Holograms are going to become a commonplace thing. It seems like a long time ago since Tupac was brought back to life at Coachella in 2012 but now with tech like PORTAL seeing people appear at conferences and events in 3D will be very 2022:

PORTAL Holograms IRL

Elon Musk has created an app which allows a monkey to play Pong - with his brain. The monkey thinks about moving the paddle up or down and the Neuralink interprets this and triggers the paddle to move. An amazing technology which has huge opportunities for helping people with disabilities:

Monkey Mind Pong Video