5in1: Interactive Retail Experiences

Dan Strang

July 27, 2022

Welcome to our new video series: 5in1. I am going to regularly present 5 new ideas in a one-minute video…or thereabouts! The focus for this one is interactive retail experiences...

1. Interactive dodge game and leaderboard

An interactive game where the visitor moves their body position to move the player on the screen. 

They have to get to the other end of the field without being tackled.

2. Become the face

Visitors can upload a selfie, then pose in front of all the screens for a one minute take-over on the floor!

3. Tik-Tok Movie Maker

Create 4 content experiences within store.

Visitors scan a code to trigger the high quality cameras to capture content of them. 

Once visitors have 4 pieces of content, our editing station can turn it into a Tik Tok style premium edited video.

4. Outfit Inspiration

Our interactive mirrors will identify the item the user is wearing and then pull information from the stores database, and social media to provide the user with Inspiration, Accessories and Alternatives.

5. Retail Escape Experience

Make the store playable with an interactive unlocking experience. 

Visitors scan a QR code to register and play on their own phone. Visitors see their first challenge e.g. Fill in the name of the Football boot shown on the screen on level 2. 

Once you’ve filled in all the experiences it’ll unlock a code which can be used on a vending machine to receive a discount or free gift.

Nobody wants to enter a shop filled with just products, they want to enter a shop filled with experiences - and we’re ready to bring these experiences to a store near you!