5 in 1 Festival Experiences

Dan Strang

July 27, 2022

In keeping with the late arrival of festivals this year, here we bring you 5 festival experiences in 1 minute...

The Xi 5 in 1 is back for a September edition, and this month before we wave goodbye to festival season for another year we’re bringing you 5 interactive festival experiences in 1 minute. We know, festivals are already pretty cool, but with these experiences they can become even better. 

Our interactive ideas give your festival guests the opportunity to take away unique pieces of content from their time at the festival. With our experiences your visitors can go backstage with our digital pass, create their own festival story or become the star of the show on our virtual stage. And the best part? Our shared content dashboard means visitors can access all content from every experience across the whole festival...

1.Shared Content Dashboard

Festival goers scan their QR code for every photo experience so they receive all the content in one place. 

They can easily share this dashboard with friends so everyone has access to the content.

2.Your Festival Story

Festival goers add photos and videos to our app. We’ll mix this with official festival content to create a high quality personalised story.

3.Star on the virtual stage

Festival goers choose a genre for their performance. The app will add a filter, backdrop and soundtrack.

They record some moves for the camera.Their dance gets shared to a virtual stage as a looped rolling video.

4.Festival Backstage Pass

Festival goers scan a QR code to enter a virtual backstage area at the festival.

They can explore the room which is filled with exclusive content and merchandise.

5.Scavenger Hunt

Festival goers collect digital assets around the festival and exchange them for a free drink at the bar.