5 in 1 Experiential Christmas Ideas

Dan Strang

July 27, 2022

1. Advent Window Wall
Customers get to be part of a brands daily advent calendar display. They scan a QR code to open up the special xmas virtual booth app.They take a selfie and the app will cut them outand place them in that days scene. The window display will loop through that days submitted photos.A lucky winner will be chosen eachday to WIN a special prize.

2. Epic Gift Voucher Message

Create an epic personalised video message Instead of giving someone a boring voucher code. Make their day a little more special, add some joy and show you do care, even though you don’t know what to get them!

3. Santa's Chimney Dash game
Santa has mislaid some of his presents across the rooftops. Hop from one to the other to recover them to save christmas.This game can either be played via tapping or using head tracking controls.

4. The Christmas Chimney Chuck
Chuck as many presents through the chimneys in 30 seconds! Each chimney has a sensor to automatically update the leaderboard.

5. Secret Santa Station
Each person enters their name address and a message. They pay £10 to be entered into the secret santa. On Christmas Day, everyone who entered will receive a gift from a random person.